Innovation Support

With adversity can follow opportunity. The past few years have provided great opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive. Growth from the middle is being actively encouraged by many of the world’s leading economies, and has been the engine for success in emerging markets as well. The Chenaar Group’s focus on Frontier Markets has allowed us exposure to the power of innovation and entrepreneurship within these markets.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, as well as our belief that as the world get further interconnected through technology that there are a great number of business opportunities to be explored. The Chenaar Group is interested in hearing from you if you are an innovator looking to invest in a Frontier Market, or are based in a Frontier Market. We actively look to support and showcase these opportunities, so get in touch if you have an idea or want to let us know about the great work others are doing in this space.

The people of Lahore, Pakistan don't have to travel to Texas to get their fill of cowboys serving burgers and shakes. Gunsmoke is a restaurant that opened in the late 2000's in this food-loving city. The floors are covered in sawdust and the waiters slam your cold drinks on your table to make you feel like you're in a good old fashioned saloon. This restaurant has been a raging success due to the unusual experience offered to its customers.